We had a pleasure to attend Gala event and as well The Makeup Artist Show Los Angeles which took two days on March 19 and 20.

This show is a must to attend for beginner and professional makeup artists. It is not only the trade show that inspires ,but it educates and brings together community. You have a chance to network with biggest names in makeup industry and purchase best tools and products.
During all three days there was a theme- femme fatale.
Here are our favorite looks from Gala event which took place at Biltmore hotel followed with highlights of this wonderful and creative show.

HollywoodMakeupMagazine 06
Makeup For ever body artHollywoodMakeupMagazine 05
Make Up Forever Femme Fatale look by Nick Lujan . Model Nikiya Palombi

HollywoodMakeupMagazine Agne Skaringa Temptu airbrush makeup redhead pink lips HollywoodMakeupMagazine for Temptu airbrush gala event Hollywood by mua artist Agne Skaringa
Airbrush makeup and hair look created by Agne Skaringa for Temptu. Model Nicole Whittaker

HollywoodMakeupMagazine 33
Space was packed for Kat Von D class.

HollywoodMakeupMagazine 34 HollywoodMakeupMagazine 35 HollywoodMakeupMagazine Makeup for Ever
Make Up Forever Booth. Body painting on Nikiya P. by Juan Carlos Salazar

HollywoodMakeupMagazine 31 HollywoodMakeupMagazine 32 HollywoodMakeupMagazine 28 HollywoodMakeupMagazine 29 tempt airbrush

HollywoodMakeupMagazine 26
Temptu airbrush makeup.

HollywoodMakeupMagazine 26 HollywoodMakeupMagazine 27
Scott Barnes poses for camera.

HollywoodMakeupMagazine 22HollywoodMakeupMagazine 23 Senna makeup HollywoodMakeupMagazine 38

HollywoodMakeupMagazine 19
Senna  was celebrating 40 years ! Congratulations to founder Eugenia Weston.

HollywoodMakeupMagazine 20 HollywoodMakeupMagazine 21HollywoodMakeupMagazine 17

Finalists of “Femme Fatale” competition.

HollywoodMakeupMagazine 18

HollywoodMakeupMagazine 15 HollywoodMakeupMagazine 16
“Pierced Love” hand painted star arrow by makeup and hair by Agne Skaringa
Photographer Tomas Skaringa. Model Cate Chant.

Angelina Jolie HollywoodMakeupMagazine 38
Breath taking portraits. One of them – Angelina Jolie.

HollywoodMakeupMagazine 13
Cindy Crawford is peaking at you!

HollywoodMakeupMagazine 08
Mustaev Team.

HollywoodMakeupMagazine 09 HollywoodMakeupMagazine 10HollywoodMakeupMagazine 11Scott Barnes HollywoodMakeupMagazine 38HollywoodMakeupMagazine 36
Kathy Jeung and makeup showed layered makeup application using Nars cosmetics.

HollywoodMakeupMagazine 37body painting cat woman HollywoodMakeupMagazine 38
Body painting painting on Nikiya P. by Juan Carlos Salazar

See you next time!