Julie Bohm took a challenge to create unique and innovative commercial for textile company JAB Camouflage.
Story takes place at an old mysterious house where a little girl finds unique brocade fabric and the magic begins.
We love the camouflage effect created on a dancer by body painting artist Brigit Mörtl.

Making of Filming Day – JAB Camouflage
Hotel Waldlust Freudenstadt

Mia: Charlotte Lorenzen
Dark Fairy: Julie Boehm

Concept/Idea/ Making of Video: Julie Boehm
Producer: Felix Fahle
Makingof Camera: Sagaphoto
Director: Cornelius Schick
Assistant Director: Katja Ginnow
Music for Makingof Video: “Days of Wonder”
Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins
Art Director: Maike Kiefer
Choreography: Katja Trautwein
Set Photographer: Sagaphoto
Bodypainter: Birgit Mörtl
Bodypainting Assistant: Astrid Schäfer
Colours: Cameleon
Makeup-Artist: Hanna Pfeiffer